Every year, Ashley Battel writes us a “‘Twas the night before holiday shutdown” poem.  We in turn share it with our team, and the world.

Thank you Ashley, for your fun commitment to making the holidays bright for us every year.  This is one of my favorite Managed Sales Pros Holiday traditions!

Without further adieu…..I give you….this mastepiece, courtesy of the always dapper, always delightful…Ashley Battel!!!!




‘Twas the Night Before Holiday Break and throughout Managed Sales Pros,

Not a dialer was ringing, nor an appointment to close.

Everyone has ventured off to take in some holiday cheer,

And revel in the excitement of yet another glorious year!


Whether it be MSP or Vendor Calling, Consulting or Online Training,

We’re offering something for everyone these days – no reason for complaining!

Our connections with clients and prospects extend throughout North America and beyond,

Though (whispering) we’re still working on a super-connection with 007 (That’s Bond … James Bond!).


This past year, we have placed great focus on the magic of traction,

And we’ve been in awe of the results of process being placed into action.

While some might consider any formal structure to be a serious pet peeve,

From management to callers, it’s something we live and breathe!


Speaking of whom, our entire Everywhere Managed/Managed Sales Pros Team: Tougher than the rest,

“Rise Up” and take a bow – You’re simply the Best!

We feel blessed to watch your personal and professional growth, shining like a sun’s brilliant ray,

You always help us “find the joy” – more than we could adequately say!

We extend tremendous gratitude to our clients, who place their trust in us each day,

As we work diligently to bring forth endless appointments and opportunities your way.

It is through your continuous support that we reach even greater heights,

Your glowing referrals truly brighten up our tireless days and nights.

So, to all of you — too numerous to name — who have touched our lives over this past year,

Thank you once again for everything – we hold each and every one of you so dear!

Enjoy the spirit of the season with family, friends and loved ones – and then,

In 2020, you had better be ready, my friends — because we’re going to do it all over again!!


As I draw this poem to a close and get set to enjoy holiday celebrations offline,

It is my sincere wish to extend to you one more celebratory rhyme:

As J.J. from the ‘70s sitcom “Good Times” might say, I hope your holidays are “Dyn-O-Mite!”

A special and memorable holiday break to all – and to all, a good night!


All the best always,

Ashley Battel