These are unprecedented times, and we’re all in this together.

Managed Sales Pros is committed to our clients and to their success.  We are committed to our team. We want to keep our doors open through this, and we want to make sure you can, too.

All small businesses have two choices in a climate like this.  We had extensive discussions last week internally about what our best course of action through this pandemic would be.  Our options were shut the doors, hold cash, fire everyone and pivot, or keep all of our team employed, and keep helping our clients grow their companies.  While common sense and best practices may dictate “close and hold” our core value gut check said “keep everyone employed for as long as possible.”

Here’s what our team is doing to keep the doors open:

All of our employees, from the CEO down, had to decide today if they wanted to stay, keep the doors open with us and earn the same as an entry level calling agent, or go.   We lost a few people – and that’s okay – we understand – but most of our team opted to look around the room, acknowledge the people they have spent several years working with, and made the hard choice to forego their variable compensation for the next quarter.   Many of them would have rolled over to much higher hourly compensation – they’re choosing to keep the person next to them employed along with them.  I’ve never been more proud of our team.  We know that when the dust settles from this pandemic we’ll be positioned for greater success than ever before.

For our SMB managed services clients and prospects:

We want to keep our doors open, and we know you do, too.  We all have the opportunity to dominate our markets right now while everyone else lays off their team and curbs their spending.  I can’t say this strongly enough:  this is not the time to stop spending on sales and marketing.  These are the times that make millioniares.  We know if you’re a company roughly the same size as ours that you’re likely having some hard conversations today.   If you were about to sign an agreement with us, and you’re questioning the spend, please know that we won’t keep any small business owner in an agreement that hurts their business – if we have to choose between being flexible with payment terms or laying off  employees, we choose flexible terms.  If you’re already a managed services sales appointment setting client, and you’re worrying about the spend, talk to me. We’re in this with you.  If we all acknowledge that the next little while is going to be hectic, and we all try to be as understanding and as flexible as we possibly can, I see no reason why we can’t all survive this together.

Final thoughts as we move forward in uncertain times:

To all entrepreneurs today who are having to make those hard choices, I see you.  I salute your accomplishments and my heart breaks for you.  Be careful and be kind – especially to yourself.  This will be a time that tries us all.  If you’re sitting at your desk today wondering how you’ll weather the storm, remember that’s exactly what it is – a storm.  Storms are temporary.  And if you’re sitting at home after being laid off, maybe it’s time for you to begin your founder’s journey.  What have you got to lose now?

I remain grateful for the trust our clients put in us every day, and for the trust our employees have put in us to make good on our commitment to keep them employed, and ensure that they are made whole when this pandemic ends.

Stay healthy, keep moving forward, love your neighbour, and be nice to telemarketers.  This too will pass and we’ll celebrate together on the other end of this chaos.

From our team and family to yours: much love.