It’s been a rollercoaster of a couple of months for us here at Managed Sales Pros.  And like everyone, we are eager to get back to our lives and our offices and our friends and our jobs.

My strategy for getting through this is just “day by day”.  Our team is getting angsty working from home and we’re looking forward to celebrating some of our successes soon.

One of the projects I’ve undertaken during quarantine is redoing our entry level outbound cold calling training program.   While it may not be perfect yet, it’s ready and I miss people.

As of today right now, our managed services clients are still getting appointments, and they’re closing them.  I know there are many companies who can’t afford our rates, and with COVID I know there are many companies just wondering if they’ll get through the quarter.   Let’s get you prospecting.  ASAP.  Don’t go down without a fight.  I’m here to help.  I figure there’s a way I can do some good for the industry, and for my community – Las Vegas is hurting right now, with no end in sight for the thousands of people out of work.

So here’s the deal. Our instructor led courses are usually 2500.00 for 16 hours of content.  This course is 40 hours, and it’s the same one I put my own brand-new team members through, and I’m not charging you anything if you want to register your own outbound agent or if you would personally like to attend and learn.  One catch:  please make a donation to any Las Vegas based charity of your choice that is focused on COVID relief.  It doesn’t have to be 2500.00 – anything you can afford is fine by me.  Send me the receipt, I’ll send you the comp code, and let’s all spend some time honing our skills next week!  (See Disclaimer below)  If you need some suggestions on where to donate, may I humbly suggest some of the organizations I’m supporting:

Three Square Nevada – provides food security for thousands of Las Vegas families, and school lunches.  They’re busier than ever, and staffed by volunteers.  Modern day bread-lines are now common sights in Las Vegas, with cars winding around city blocks waiting for assistance.  I’ve supported Three Square for years, they’re a fantastic organization, and during the Christmas holidays corporate sponsors match donations dollar for dollar.  They could use more help right now!

Las Vegas Sex Workers Relief Fund – this mutual aid GoFundMe account provides emergency relief to the many people in Las Vegas that work in the adult entertainment industry.  Don’t act like you’ve never closed down the Rhino, friends.  The women and men who work in one of the industries that fuels sin city are some of the people most affected by COVID, with the least amount of support.  Most people in the adult entertainment industry are independent contractors – if they worked in any other industry they’d be eligible for PPP loans.  Since their job is deemed “naughty” by our government, they get nothing.  Not cool.

If you have another Las Vegas based charity you would like to donate to, please do!


DISCLAIMER:  Save the free spots for the companies that really need them, please.  If you’re killing it right now, you can pay for training. I reserve the right to say NO to anyone asking to register for free.  Space is limited, and we start on Monday.  No recordings will be provided after, you’ll have to attend live.  Email your request to attend and your donation receipt (dated today or later, you don’t get credit for yesterday’s good deeds here) to before 6PM ET on Sunday, April 26.  First come, first served.  Once the spots are gone, they’re gone!

UPDATE (4/24/20 4:30 PM) We have about 20 spots left 


Stay safe, stay healthy, be kind.  #untilthewheelsfalloff