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“Referrals are a gift, not a business development strategy.”

– Carrie Simpson, CEO, Managed Sales Pros



Most MSP business owners and leaders grow their business through referrals until they reach a critical point where referrals alone will not sustain their sales engine.  Unfortunately, most don’t plan for that day, and when the referrals stop coming in, they are left with an empty sales pipeline.

Why Does My MSP Need An Outbound Marketing Strategy RIGHT NOW?

Think of your sales pipeline as a high interest investment account.  If you put away $100.00 every week starting at 20, by 50 you are ready to retire.  If you start putting away $100.00 a week when you’re 40, you don’t have the growth you need to retire at 50.  Sales is no different – all activity accumulates “interest” in the form of follow up activities, sales appointments and closed deals.

The best day to start outbound prospecting for your managed services company was the day you started your business.  The second best day is today.  Every month you don’t prospect is one quarter that you will have no sales activity to create new sales opportunities.  Every quarter you wait costs you a full year of missed follow ups and sales calls.

My MSP Grew Quickly From Referrals But I’m Not Getting As Many Referrals Now, What Should I Do?

If your MSP grew steadily through referrals, and now you’ve reached the point where prospecting for new managed services clients is necessary to accelerate your growth, you may be considering several ways to market your I.T. company.

Email marketing for managed services providers is a viable option.  Telemarketing for managed services prospects is another great choice.  A combination of both is ideal.  Digital marketing for MSPs is gaining in popularity as older decision makers exit their companies and new owners who were raised on the internet are more comfortable working online and using technology than their predecessors were.

Whether you choose to use email marketing, outbound cold calling, or digital marketing to build your I.T. company, you will need one important thing before you begin marketing for managed services:  a managed services prospect list that you can turn in to leads, opportunities and deals for your MSP.

How Is The Pandemic Changing Lead Generation for MSPs?

Lead Generation for Managed Services Providers wasn’t easy before Covid-19 hit.  It took thousands of contact touches to generate one solid managed services appointment, no matter what medium you chose to market your MSP.  Now, as companies adapt to the “new normal” of life post-pandemic, finding great leads for your MSP is going to get even more challenging.  There is one thing you can do to make it easier.  Start with a great list.

Most lists available online were at least 30% inaccurate (as a company that calls over 1,000,000 leads a year for MSPs, we have 7 years of historical data to prove this) before the pandemic.  Now, post-pandemic, you only need to look as far as your own experiences to understand why the data you can purchase online will be even lower quality – not only did the companies that you want to target change significantly through layoffs, terminations and business closures; the companies that sell the data also needed to furlough and fire the employees that manage their data – they can’t keep up with the calls that would be necessary to create clean data on such an enormous scale.  The lists you can purchase online have gone from ” pretty unreliable” to “junk”.

Why Is A High Quality List Essential For Marketing Success?

Garbage In, Garbage Out.

Let’s imagine a race with two athletes with similar skill levels, coaching and training opportunities.  One competitor wears high quality shoes, and one runs in a pair of flip flops.   Who’s going to have a better chance of winning the race?  The one with the best equipment.   Starting lead generation with a list full of incorrect and out of date information if your competitors have high quality lists is like trying to race in flip flops – sure, you can finish the race, but it’s going to be much more challenging, and take much longer for you to reach the same finish line.

High quality data is a competitive advantage.  

Using bad data to begin any marketing campaign means wasting time, energy and money prospecting into leads that may no longer exist, calling people that are no longer employed, or calling companies that are no longer viable managed services prospects.   If they had 20 employees pre-Covid, they may not have 20 now.  They may not even be in business any longer.  With fewer prospects available to the market as a whole, and smart business owners reducing overhead wherever possible, there are going to be fewer opportunities to begin with – you can get to them before your competitors if you start from the right place.

At Managed Sales Pros we know a thing or two about managed services lead generation.  We’ve been doing this  for seven years now.  In fact, this is all we do.  Post-pandemic your marketing budget may have changed, and we understand that – ours did, too.  If you were hoping to outsource your lead generation in 2020 or 2021, and you are now looking at a new reality that means your marketing budget is getting repurposed, it may be time to think about how you can prospect better without outside help.  Better data will help.   We’d be happy to build you a qualified lead list for your MSP – our rates are $20/verified lead (including decision maker name,  phone number, and a non-generic email address) and our minimum order is 100 leads.  You specify the industry and company size, we’ll give you the qualified list you need to save your time, energy and marketing budget.

Want to build your own qualified sales lead list?  The webinar below will teach you how.

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