On July 23, Carrie joined Barracuda MSP to share some tips for prospecting post-pandemic.

Only have a minute?  Here are the key takeaways:

  • Consistent prospecting is necessary always – pandemic or no pandemic, don’t push your follow up activities or cherry pick.
  • Host webinars or virtual events to fill the top of your funnel.
  • Connect with associations and community groups to offer guidance and support.
  • Share content with anyone who’ll take it from you.
  • Use client check-in calls as an opportunity to identify who’s loving you and who’s leaving you.
  • Ask all happy clients for referrals, every time you chat with them.
  • Make it simple for your clients to help you – review their LinkedIN page and ask for a specific introduction, or ask for “trigger event” introductions like “Who do you know who is moving offices?  We’d love to talk to them!”

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