Backup and Disaster Recovery vendor Servosity Chooses Managed Sales Pros to Grow Their North American Partner Channel.


Managed Sales Pros is proud to announce that Servosity, a leading back up and disaster recovery vendor, has once again chosen Managed Sales Pros to help build their North American reseller partner network!

Servosity is building the Business Continuity platform of the future. They believe that servers and infrastructure should be UnCrashable®. They are channel-focused and are unapologetic in their plan to disrupt a stodgy, old industry with their cutting edge, patented technology.

Damien Stevens, CEO of Servosity, shares why they’ve chosen Managed Sales Pros over other outsourcing partners for multiple partner recruitment engagements:

In 2016, Servosity was planning a more aggressive channel partner acquisition strategy, and we were introduced to Managed Sales Pros via a sales consulting expert we engaged to help us build our buyer personas and sales and marketing playbooks.

We wanted a partner that already understood our requirements.  Tracie Orisko not only understood who we should target for the fastest conversion rates, she was able to help us navigate expanding in the channel.  It’s not always easy to be the new kid on the block, and we wanted to earn our way in the industry, quickly.

“Our partnership with Managed Sales Pros didn’t just give us volume, it gave us a leg up on our competitors.  We appreciated the shared risk approach that we were offered, and paid only for results.”

We retained Managed Sales Pros again in 2017 when we needed to add more volume to our sales development program.  By 2017, Managed Sales Pros had changed their pricing model to a flat rate, monthly fee per agent.  We were concerned we might not see the same value from our investment. Once again, Tracie provided us with professional and experienced outbound agents who understood our company, our offerings, our competitors and our value proposition.

Just as important, since the Managed Sales Pros team has developed and maintained North America’s best list of managed services providers, our outsourced calling team had access to a database of qualified partner leads, which allowed them to generate leads for us immediately.

Permanently outsourcing our sales appointment setting was not on our road-map at this time, and our team planned with Tracie to transition the sales development process in-house after our second program.

We thought that with several years of experience now under our belts it would be easy for our team to pick up where the Managed Sales Pros team had left off, and that we would be able to generate the 16+ sales appointments monthly that our Managed Sales Pros dedicated agent was able to produce for us.  We did not see better results from our in-house efforts, so we once again contacted Tracie Orisko, and returned to the Managed Sales Pros family.

Once again, Managed Sales Pros is knocking it out of the park for Servosity.

“Managed Sales Pros provided ROI in the first week of engaging with them.  Within the first week, they had set several appointments.  We closed the first appointment they set.  If that doesn’t prove their alignment, knowledge of the MSP market, and incredibly rapid speed to market; nothing will.”

We interviewed other sales and marketing partners before making our choice – the other partners we evaluated expected us to provide our own lists, billed for lengthy consulting and on-boarding processes that extended months or even a quarter into our engagement, and did not have the industry experience that our previously vetted partner did.

“Partnering with Managed Sales Pros again was a simple choice, and the best one for our business.”


Why Managed Sales Pros (and the I.T. Channel!) Loves Servosity:

Use truly unlimited storage in our cloud with the ability to restore whenever you need to.

Resellers can use Amazon S3, Azure, Google Drive, or any combination necessary to meet their needs.

MSPs can get their clients back up and running with Servosity DR imaging.

Providers can launch their Servosity image in Amazon AWS.

So why is the Servosity partner recruitment program so successful?  Tracie Orisko, President of Managed Sales Pros, shares her thoughts:

“New channel vendors often launch in the MSP market without considering where they’ll be able to make the biggest impact.  There is a ‘sweet spot’ in the market that is less risk-adverse and more open to reviewing, and more importantly; adopting and reselling new products and services. If vendors launch haphazardly, targeting every MSP and investing time and resources outside of this group, they can spend a lot of money only to find out that they are unable to convert these MSPs into buying partners.  Anyone can sign a partner agreement – it usually costs nothing to become a partner – we don’t consider an MSP converted before they begin purchasing.  If you want to win new business quickly in the I. T. channel, you need to hit the right group of partners – and you won’t find them consistently at any particular trade show, or reading one particular publication or blog.  

Managed Sales Pros tracks the market meticulously.  We own our own data, and we maintain it daily.  Understanding these early adopter partners is essential to success.  The tricky part?  That group is a constantly moving target depending on the offering.  An outsourcing partner that doesn’t know the managed services market will burn a lot of your budget with very little success.  We point the cannon first where we know we will have immediate success for a vendor, and if the budget and timeline works, we can focus secondary and tertiary outbound assets on longer term conversion strategies.  First, we find the quick wins.  Then we nurture the leads we know will convert once other resellers adopt the technology.  This strategy has paid off for Servosity, and most of our other vendor partners, as well.”

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