Several years ago,  ServiceTree  engaged Managed Sales Pros to make partner acquisition calls for their Australian-based professional services automation platform.

Prior to launching ServiceTree, the team that founded ServiceTree had grown a successful MSP for over 20 years.  The idea for the PSA originated as their MSP struggled with effective asset utilization, and they initially created ServiceTree to support their managed services team. Their fast growth reflected the ability of the ServiceTree platform to increase the profitability and efficiency of managed services help desks.

Paul Azad, CEO of ServiceTree, shares on the original challenges their team experienced as they tried to launch a new channel-focused professional services automation platform in North America:

“We assumed that all MSP business owners would approach their businesses as we did. When we entered the I.T. channel, we found most MSPs had a different take on what they did, and how they delivered it.  We were struggling to understand how MSP owners in North America make purchasing decisions.  We had expected that investing in a solution that had consistently saved us hundreds of tech hours and created sustainable best in class margins would have been an easy decision for any MSP business owner to make, and our own outbound efforts were not proving effective.   As a self-funded vendor, we didn’t have the runway to make a lot of mistakes – with either our product or with our budget.

We began searching for a U.S. based sales development firm that was experienced in this market, and who would be able to support us in identifying new opportunities.  Based on references and research, we felt confident that Managed Sales Pros would be the right choice for us.

We were looking for a vendor. Managed Sales Pros became more than a vendor to us – they are a true partner.”

What MSPros did for Service Tree:

  • Assisted in recruiting trusted partners to be the first to review new PSA solution, ServiceTree
  • Introduced ServiceTree to other channel vendors to create marketing partnerships
  • Identified potential channel sales team members as possible hires for us within the channel ecosystem
  • Provided guidance on event strategy, including choosing appropriate event sponsorship and speaking engagements
  • Guided us in the development of the content, processes and schedules for our lunch and learns and road shows.
  • Used market research and feedback from trusted partners to identify the right “sweet spot” for calling campaigns
  • Brokered introductions to potential key managed services provider partners and industry influencers
  • Identified potential vendor partners for our social media and content marketing initiatives
  • Created outbound prospecting process, scripts and strategy
  • Provided key guidance on integrations and features that would make ServiceTree more attractive to MSPs actively using key competitive solutions
  • Helped us focus our sales process in order to target the MSPs most likely to adopt new solutions quickly
  • Managed our North American partner acquisition program for our first two years in the technology reseller channel.
  • Helped our team identify the need to pivot our initial offering (a stand-alone PSA platform) to our current offering (a Connectwise plugin)
  • Provided a US based partner acquisition team that increased or decreased in head count as our budget and requirements changed
  • Showed us how to segment the market by size, and “stack” and create messaging that would resonate with these groups

Paul was asked to share what he had enjoyed most about working with the Managed Sales Pros team, and he did not hold back:

“Frankly, we thought Carrie was kind of a b**** when we met her, but Carrie is a no-nonsense partner who refuses to tell you what you want to hear.  As our partnership with Managed Sales Pros developed, we better appreciated her honest and frank approach, and her feedback was essential to avoiding early missteps.

Tracie’s knowledge of the market and her ability to influence everything from major vendor hires to product adoption made her an essential part of our team.  Tracie knows everyone, and was able to broker connections and introductions that would have taken years to build on our own.

We recommend working with ‘The Girls.’ (We don’t call them that anymore, but it’s still a term of endearment for us!)

Their integrity, their personal investment in our success, and their commitment to transparency and accountability made them the obvious choice for us, and they are the obvious choice for any new vendor considering entering  the I.T. channel!”

Paul’s final comments:

Did I mention the only thing Managed Sales Pros billed us for was the cost of our outbound calling?  Everything else was, according to Carrie; ‘just what good partners do for each other’.   

Carrie responds:

(laughs) ServiceTree is the reason Managed Sales Pros now charges new vendors for consulting. However, partnering with Paul and his team was one of the most gratifying experiences I’ve had as an entrepreneur.  Working with small, nimble companies is really exciting for me.  The Managed Sales Pros investment equaled over 75% of the ServiceTree annual marketing budget – that’s a huge risk for a small business, and we weren’t going to let them down.”

About ServiceTree 

ServiceTree is a 360-degree professional services automation platform for MSPs and IT Teams.

Think ‘PSA Reimagined.’​

ServiceTree is optimized to deliver a process that flows smoothly, guiding each support issue through all stages of identification, definition, allocation, execution and completion. All techs need to do is hit the patented Open Next™ button and follow the question tree process. The entire system is managed without paperwork or manual ticket selection, allowing MSPs to deliver much higher (and more consistent) levels of service at less cost than with traditional systems. Best of all, the pricing includes unlimited users on all service levels and price tiers.

Contact Service Tree:

Paul Azad

CEO, ServiceTree

844 777 1221

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Managed Sales Pros helps I.T. companies grow by increasing their opportunities to connect one-on-one with their best prospects.

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