Last week, I hosted CJ Arlotta (CJ Media Solutions LLC) and Marie Rourke (Whitefox Marketing and PR) on a webinar focused on sharing actionable advice for MSP business owners looking to improve their marketing results.

Here are some of my key takeaways (you can scroll to the bottom to watch the video on demand now).

  • Go where your customers are.  If the pandemic has pushed everyone online, where are they gathering and what are they doing there?
  • Social media is a great way to listen to your customers.  Are you following your customers and prospects online and engaging with them there?
  • Your marketing spend is irrelevant if you’re not sharing the right message.
  • Marketing isn’t bragging – you should be celebrating your successes online.
  • Public Relations is about relationships – get to know journalists, and help them reach their goals.
  • News isn’t news after it’s been shared, journalists want to publish unique ideas.
  • Do you know why your customers chose you?  The answers may suprise you.  Finding more clients like your best clients starts with understanding the reasons your clients chose you and continue to work with you.
  • Your vendor partners can be an excellent resource, ask for support!

Even with no marketing budget, you can begin creating better content for your business.  Take free courses, listen to podcasts, and follow experts online for ideas.  Suggestions on where to begin:

Hubspot’s marketing blog

I can personally vouch for this one – I took several of Hubspot’s marketing courses and certifications throughout quarantine, and I learned a lot.  I loved the option of being able to listen to them at an increased speed (I do this for audiobooks and podcasts as well) and there were excellent resources listed throughout the courses for a deeper dive.


Seth Godin’s Blog

I’ve loved Seth’s work since… a long time ago.  Purple Cow is still on my bookshelf.   H

Spin Sucks

Check out the webinar below for more great advice and ideas, and let us know if you try something that works for you!