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Strategic Planning For MSPs Ian Richardson

On Demand Webinar:  Strategic Planning For MSPs

On October 3, Ian Richardson, CEO of Doberman Technologies and Managed Sales Pros client, joined Carrie Simpson to talk about his love of strategic planning for MSPs.  At the age of 36, Ian has already built Doberman Technologies into a multimillion dollar managed services firm with best in class margins.  His company has been ranked on the Inc5000 and named on all managed services industry “top” lists for four years running.

Peer Groups Influenced Decision to Adopt Strategic Planning For MSPs

He credits the support of his HTG Peers and facilitator Israel Lang for helping him double in size in under two years.  He stresses that it would have been impossible without his team’s commitment to executing on their annual, quarterly and monthly strategic plans.  (I’m absolutely certain he meant to thank his amazing cold calling team, too.)

If you’ve been considering implementing StratOp, Rockefeller Habits, Traction, or any other “brand name” planning process, both Carrie and Ian agree:  don’t wait.   A facilitated Traction engagement took the Managed Sales Pros call center, Everywhere Managed LLC, from start-up to exit in under five years.   We worked with Connectstrat, and our facilitator was managed services industry veteran, Jamison West.   We’re big fans of EOS!

If you’ve been struggling to get your company to the next level, don’t give up.  

In 2018 Everywhere Managed grew by 8%, and our net income dropped by 30%.

We implemented Traction in October 2018. I’m happy to share that EOS worked for us – we dug in and did the work, changed our habits and focused on improving our business processes.

With Tracie Orisko integrating and Sierra Chase keeping us on track, Everywhere Managed grew by 50% in the year after our initial 90 minute meeting, and increased our profitability by over 674%.  (That’s not a typo.)

In September 2020, Everywhere Managed LLC was acquired by Austin-based competitor EBQuickstart.  (Managed Sales Pros, Inc. was not included in the sale.)

Strategic Planning For MSPs Managed Sales Pros Success

Self Implementing Strategic Planning For MSPs

While both Managed Sales Pros and Doberman Technologies chose to work with paid facilitators, many companies choose to self-implement, and this is entirely possible.  In this on-demand webinar, Ian shares the ten things you should focus on if you are considering self-implementing structured and intentional strategic planning for MSPs:

2022 Update

Interested in taking a more strategic approach to building your managed IT services firm?  Ian Richardson transacted on Doberman Technologies in 2022 and co-founded Richardson & Richardson Consulting .   In addition to helping small businesses implement the Paterson Center Strat Op Strategic Operating System, Richardson & Richardson focuses on strategic planning for MSPs and technology solution providers, and sales and marketing strategy for channel-focused SaaS firms, manufacturers, distributors and empire-builder MSP firms.

Connect with Ian and book some time to talk about your goals for growth and exit! 

In the meantime, check out his whitepaper on creating a vison for your business.

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