After successfully completing the sale of Managed Sales Pros partner organization and fulfillment agency, Everywhere Managed LLC, in September 2020, Managed Sales Pros is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Next Level Services US – a managed I.T. services calling agency based in North Carolina, owned and led by Sierra Chase, the former Director of Call Center Operations for Nevada-based Everywhere Managed.

“We feel absolutely confident in Next Level’s ability to support our channel-focused clientele,” says Carrie Simpson, CEO of Managed Sales Pros.  “Sierra joined Everywhere Managed as an outbound caller in 2016, was promoted to team lead in 2017, then call center manager in 2018, then joined the executive leadership team when we implemented Traction/EOS.  Sierra helped us choose our core values, create our performance scorecards, and directly managed the successful onboarding of clients while managing a high-performing sales development team of 30, plus administrative support staff.  With her assistance, Everywhere Managed was able to grow from a small call center with $300,000 in ARR to a $2,000,000  sales process outsourcing agency in under four years.”

Sierra left Everywhere Managed in early 2020 to launch an outbound calling agency specializing in direct mail calling campaigns for Managed I.T. Services firms that followed the Robin Robins formulaic approach to marketing success.  With the Everywhere Managed core value of “Rise Up”, this was in-line with what Everywhere Managed wanted for all team members – the ability to generate wealth well beyond their annual call center salaries.  Sierra has her own unique skillset, and in Traction language, she is one of the very rare  people who could have chosen to be either a visionary or an integrator within her business. In fact, Carrie had often described Sierra as having “Carrie Simpson’s risk tolerance, and Tracie Orisko’s work ethic.”

With Tracie Orisko making the move to Huntress Labs, and Carrie scaling back her channel engagement while she takes a bit of a breather in Mexico, it was essential that Managed Sales Pros choose an execution partner that would be not only familiar with their processes and systems, but who also aligned with their core values and brand promise.  As Sierra’s leadership at Everywhere Managed helped Managed Sales Pros grow into the brand they are today, this was a natural fit, and both companies look forward to their continued  symbiotic channel success.

Next Level Services US has adopted a distributed work from home approach to building their call center. This protects their team from the need to compromise their health, or the health of their families.  A work from home team allows Managed Sales Pros to ensure that calling campaigns for our essential managed services companies (and the companies that support them) will not be interrupted by mandated government lockdowns through the continued Covid-19 pandemic. The team at Mananged Sales Pros/Next Level have seen no slow-down in performance or appointment counts, and we welcome conversations with the owners of MSPs who are considering new ways of marketing through the pandemic.

Many companies were disappointed with the performance of their I.T. firms as they scrambled to support their SMB clients pivoting to home based work, and the opportunities for displacement selling are increasing. It’s an excellent time to add cold call prospecting to your marketing toolkit.

Managed Sales Pros will be the exclusive channel sales agency for Next Level Services US, and Next Level  is committed to supporting high growth technology clients with the same “always make it right” attitude that Managed Sales Pros has always been known for.  Both companies continue use Traction as their operating systems, and company leaders are accountable to each other, and to their clients.

“I founded Next Level  when I identified an opportunity to support a niche within the managed services market.” said Sierra Chase, CEO of Next Level Services US.  “With so many I.T. companies scrambling to find new ways to market their services, I saw direct mail campaigns increasing in popularity and effectiveness.  This was a gap in the market that Managed Sales Pros was reluctant to fill, and I believed there was a way that I could help smaller MSPs that weren’t necessarily ready for an annual commitment or a major marketing investment.  Next Level helped smaller MSPs with smaller marketing budgets make an impact in their market, on an as-needed basis.  We immediately created referral relationships with other channel-focused marketing agencies, including Managed Sales Pros.  I am delighted that the performance of our outbound team encouraged Managed Sales Pros to approach us with the idea of partnering.  Next Level provides exceptional calling fulfillment services, and the Managed Sales Pros brand is unparallelled in the channel, this is a win/win relationship for both companies.”

Some of the changes you might notice if you are a returning Managed Sales Pros client:

  • Reporting changes.  Next Level Services US provides deeper insight into both your immediate and long term sales pipeline.  We are continuing to explore managing campaigns and sharing data with clients via Microsoft Teams integrations.
  • Invoicing and payment changes.  Managed Sales Pros Inc., a Canadian Corporation, will cease operations at year end. Clients will now receive invoices from Carrie Simpson’s Michigan-based company, Managed Sales Pros, LLC.  This allows us to make your payment experience seamless, as we now accept reoccuring payments via both ACH and credit card.  (The Canadian corporation was unable to offer this service to US businesses in an inexpensive or convenient way, and mailing cheques cross-border mid-pandemic has become untenable.)
  • Traction-style Accountability – we love Traction, and we think you will, too.  Accountability is essential to the success of our companies, and the scorecard approach immediately shows us where we need to “Identify/Discuss/Solve” for each of our client campaigns.  This article by Traction/EOS facilitator Jamison West from Connectstrat perfectly describes why this is such an efficient way to colloborate with clients and improve campaign performance:

Some Of The Things You’ll Love About Us if You’ve Never Tried Our Services:

  • We don’t schedule garbage to make quotas.
  • We have a 30-day out clause.  Love us or leave us.
  • We still only work in the managed I.T. channel – we know your products and services as well as you do – our callers were trained by the people you purchaed them from.

We welcome you to introduce yourself to Sierra, connect with her on LinkedIn, and help us welcome her to the front of the channel!  She’s been working hard in the background building sales pipelines for technology companies for almost five years – we’re excited to announce the debut of another female-owned and led channel vendor.  We invite other female owned and led technology businesses and the men who support diversity in the technology channel to amplify her voice on social media and welcome her loudly in their networking circles.

If you have questions about this new partnership, I encourage you to email and ask us about it!

About Managed Sales Pros:

Since 2014, Managed Sales Pros has provided MSPs and channel vendors with sales development support, training and consulting services.  In 2016, Carrie Simpson, the CEO of Managed Sales Pros, also founded Everywhere Managed, LLC – a US call center that provided outbound calling fulfillment services for Managed Sales Pros and other US calling agencies.  The assets of Everywhere Managed were sold to Austin-based EBQuickstart in September 2020.


Carrie Simpson, CEO

About Next Level Services, US:

Founded by Everywhere Managed alumni Sierra Chase in 2020, Next Level Services, US offers managed I.T. services providers and technology vendors access to U.S. based callers that are professionally trained and managed by channel veterans and sales experts.  Their distributed call center in unaffected by pandemic shutdowns, making them the premiere choices for outbound managed services cold calling campaigns.  Next Level Services, US is the exclusive calling fulfillment partner for Managed Sales Pros, LLC.


Sierra Chase, CEO