I married into a family that doesn’t exchange Christmas presents.  This was a shock to me on my first Christmas with the Drury family – who are frankly, some of the best people you’ll ever meet.  We lost Beda Drury in the fall of 2018, to esophogeal cancer, but her legacy lives on through the many families we know who have also adopted the “no gifts, share your blessings” approach to Christmas, and the many more we meet who adopt it after hearing about it.

No Christmas shopping.  No junk we don’t need.  No waste.

On Christmas morning the adults open cards to find out who the rest of our family chose to make donations to this year.

It’s a great way to celebrate.  The littles still get presents from Santa, but they get pulled into the idea of charitable giving from a young age, as we encourage them to donate 1/3 of their allowance to people or charities of their choosing.

My own immediate (and then extended) family adopted this tradition, and we carried it forwared to birthdays, and also as a way to show our gratitude when we’re blessed with something unexpected or to remember that everything is not as bad as we believe it to be when we are having a particularly bad day.

My circle call the larger gifts “Love Bombs” and the smaller gifts “Random Acts of Kindness”, or “RAKS”.

We adopted this at Managed Sales Pros many years ago!

Every year, in lieu of exchanging gifts and sending gifts to clients, Managed Sales Pros normally chooses 12 different causes, charities or people to donate our Christmas gift budget to.

This year, we chose to donate to people in our circles who had been affected by the pandemic – there were no shortage of people who needed a little extra help.  To respect their privacy, we aren’t going to post pictures of them or name them, but it was a very joyful experience.  We chose a family in Winnipeg, Canada (my hometown).  We chose a family in Las Vegas, NV (my last place of residence).  We chose several families in Mexico.  We also shared smaller gifts with people we saw on social media who were experiencing hardships.

We always include a note explaining our Christmas tradition, and ask them to please pass on the blessing to another family if they aren’t in need of it this year.

As someone who once had to crack open her kids piggy bank and “borrow” some birthday money to make rent on time near the holidays, I can’t tell you how I would have reacted to someone in my circle noticing I was struggling and handing me an envelope stuffed with cash and gift cards.  I do remember the shame that I felt not being able to make Christmas “nice” for my daughter.  (Now that I’m in my 40s I realize that giving my daughter the gift of a mother who wasn’t drinking anymore was far more important than any toy I could have wrapped up for her that year!)

Thank you to our clients!  Your continued support in Managed Sales Pros continues to make our Christmas gift-giving possible!  We appreciate your business, and hope you also get some joy from the idea of helping a family in need instead of receiving cards or gift baskets.

We did get a very nice thank-you note from one of the families we love-bombed this year!  I’m happy to share it with you!

I hope your Christmas was very merry in spite of the weirdness of this year.

Christmas looked a lot different for us this year.  With mandatory quarantines, flight schedule changes, an unexpected illness and a lot of constantly changing restrictions around the holiday season in Canada, our family opted to celebrate the season apart this year.

My kids celebrated (in quarantine) in Canada.

I celebrated in Mexico with the many incredible people I’ve met during my few months living here.  We shared Christmas eve movies and Christmas day presents via Facetime.  It was low key and relaxing.  I enjoyed a cigar and some time on the beach, followed by a celebration hosted by the resort I live on.


Coming in to the New Year, I’m staying put in Mexico until my tourist visa requires me to leave, or the country kicks out tourists and shuts down again.  I’m enjoying the warm weather and working remotely.

Here’s to a 2021 that makes up for 2020 and then some!  Blessings to you and your family, and here’s to much sales success in 2021!

How are you going to create sales success in 2021?

Remember, if you want something different, you have to do something differently. 

While 2020 is hardly the year you want to be benchmarking against, it’s the year we had, and the pandemic isn’t going away.  Your opportunities for in-person networking and referral collection are going to be limited, and if you’re not changing your strategies from what worked in 2019, you may not like the results you get in 2021.  Remote selling changes the outcome of your sales process significantly.  Our year working with MSPs through the pandemic showed us a few things:  meetings are easier to get, but meetings are also easier to forget, skip or ignore completely, so no-show rates are higher than they were pre-pandemic.   We think these numbers are going to skew in-house and outsource metrics well into 2023, and put together a post to show MSPs how the next three years might look in both scenarios.

To learn more about how pivoting to remote sales meetings is changing the sales numbers for MSPs, check out this blog post:


If you’re considering outbound cold calling for 2021, we’d love to help you succeed.

With you, or for you, we can build your outbound sales team or outbound sales playbooks and process.

Read why defined playbooks are important for repeatable sales success:


If you’re wondering whether an in-house call team or an outsourced calling campaign makes more sense for your managed services company, check out our on-demand webinar on the average cost per appointment, cost per deal and cost per seat for both in-house and outsourced business development teams.  The numbers might surprise you!

For example – your cost of acquiring a new client in your first year of outsourcing your prospecting with a half time asset is around $6000.00, while your cost of acquisition in your first year of in-house prospecting with a full time asset is closer to $20,000.00.

You can watch the webinar on-demand, and see different scenarios over a three year period here:


We have limited space for January 2021 onboarding for outbound calling, and I’m working with only a handful of consulting clients this quarter.  If you’d like to book consulting time, or talk about cold calling for your I.T. company, please email hello@managedsalespros.com

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