There are seven things you need to consider before you hire a managed services lead generation company:

  1. Do you have a CRM to manage, save and segment your managed services leads?
  2. Do you have a list of managed services prospects?
  3. Do you have a managed services sales process that is built, tested, refined and documented?
  4. Does your service team support your growth plan and understand their role growing your managed services company?
  5. Do you have realistic expectations for managed services lead generation success?
  6. Do you understand your managed services lead generation sales cycle?
  7. Do you know your average cost per managed services lead, managed services sales appointment and managed services deal?
  8. Do you know how to hire a managed services lead generation company or person that won’t waste your budget?

The above list isnt an inclusive or exclusive one – and I’ve already written plenty of managed services cold calling blogs, and hosted a dozen managed services prospecting webinars on these topics.

Do you prefer to watch webinars rather than read blog posts? 

Join Managed Sales Pros CEO Carrie Simpson and ITPartners+ CEO Kevin Damghani on January 19 at 3:30 PM to learn how outsourcing and building in-house are different, and how Kevin successfully transitioned  from outsourcing to building a multi-seat in house call team!  If you want to keep reading, the post continues after the registration form!


Where Can I Learn More About Managed Services Lead Generation Before Making a Commitment?

If you’re trying to make a decision about whether or not to outsource your managed services lead generation, I encourage you to go back through our archives – our messaging hasn’t changed much over the years, and there is plenty of free content that isn’t paywalled – you can learn a litte and save a lot of time and money before you:

  • Make an investment your company can’t support – if you have one tech you don’t need a lead generator.
  • Invest in something that will financially destabilize your business – if you can’t pay yourself you can’t pay a lead generator.
  • Bet your company’s future on a litigious or unethical marketing firm that is selling snake oil – a “marketing qualified lead” isn’t useful to anyone with no marketing team or sales process – and it is about 12 steps away from becoming an actual sales appointment.
  • Commit to a large marketing spend that could have been diverted to something far more useful for the growth of your MSP at it’s current stage.

If your MSP is under 1MM in ARR you shouldn’t be outsourcing your cold calling.

You should be learning more about marketing so that you understand what you’re considering buying.

(The same goes for every marketing solution you’re considering outsourcing – spend some time learning before you write that check or sign that contract.)

Cold call prospecting isn’t easy.

It’s also not nearly as difficult as people are trying to convince you it is.

“What’s the secret to succesful cold calling?”

It’s actually making the cold calls.

Good ones.

A lot of them.

All day long.

A full time outbound lead generation agent should be dialing the phone 100-120 times daily.  They shouldn’t be researching, emailing, posting on social media, or spamming people on LinkedIn.

That’s not cold calling.

That’s obfuscating, and that’s why your cold calling programs fail.

You need to dial the phone 300 times to get a qualified managed services sales appointment.

The rest of it is just noise.

Without volume, your program will never succeed.

If you’re wondering why the cold calling package you bought isn’t working – well, how many phone calls can someone make in five hours a week?  Cold calling and outbound prospecting haven’t changed much in five years, and what didn’t work last year won’t work this year, either.  There is no magical software or automated system that’s going to do this for you. Unless you add both volume and consistency to your outbound programs, they’ll continue to fail.

Other managed services lead generation companies sell inexpensive outbound sales appointment setting packages for one reason:  inexpensive services are much easier to sell, and inexperienced managed services providers who don’t understand their sales cycles keep buying them.

I will say it louder for those in the back:  managed services lead generation is not a fast path to new monthly recurring revenue.

It will take a year.

It will take a year of consistent, high volume, skilled outbound cold calling.

Then you’ll see ROI over the following three years.

Remember how I told you managed services lead generation isn’t difficult?  It isn’t.  The difficult part is being consistent, not making the calls.

Here at Managed Sales Pros we can train a new managed services cold caller in about two weeks. 

This means we can, for example, help you hire a former retail store associate who has never heard of managed services lead generation, who has never heard of managed services and who has never made a single managed services cold call, and have them scheduling fully qualified managed services sales appointments in about two weeks.

That means you can, too.

You can do it yourself, or you can hire someone to do it in-house (or from their own house) for you without paying outsourced managed services lead generation company margins.

You can do this simply by reading, learning, researching and doing the things that your peers have done to be successful.

Or you can do it a whole lot faster and hire the managed services lead generation experts at Managed Sales Pros to help you build out the process quickly and properly.

Email to schedule some time to talk about it!

“Pay Me Now, Or Pay Me Later!”

As my lawyer likes to say – “Well, it doesn’t matter to me which route you choose – you can pay me a little bit now to do it right, or you can pay me a lot later to clean up the mess you made, but you’re absolutely going to pay me.”

How Do You Pick The Best Managed Services Lead Generation Strategy for Your MSP?

First, you’ll consider:

  • your time constraints
  • your effectiveness in choosing marketing strategy or marketing partners to date
  • your level of interest in process development
  • your budget
  • your growth plan

Then you’ll start doing research.

This upcoming webinar is a good first place to begin!

Managed Services Lead Generation Experts Carrie Simpson and Kevin Damghani

On January 19 at 3:30 CST join managed services lead generation experts to talk about the differences between outsourcing and building in house teams.

Join Carrie Simpson, CEO of the managed services lead generation experts Managed Sales Pros, and Kevin Damghani, the CEO of ITPartners+, a fast-growing managed services provider that has been successful with outsourcing his sales prospecting and now has built a multi-seat in-house call center for his MSP!  Register for this and other managed services lead generation webinars here:

Kevin was an “OG” Managed Sales Pros client, and here’s what he had to say about outsourcing his managed services lead generation to our team:

Years later, Kevin has taken the principles of data driven sales prospecting for managed services, and built out a process – with the support of other experts and his team – that has created a high-performing in-house sales prospecting engine.  Not just one agent, but a full sales floor of outbound managed services lead generation cold callers and business developers.

Don’t miss this discussion – with plenty of time to ask questions to both managed services lead generation experts on this webinar – if you’re trying to decide if you want to create your own team, or outsource your cold calling to a company like Managed Sales Pros.  Register for this and other managed services sales webinars here:

Should You Outsource or Build An In House Process?

There is one huge benefit to outsourcing your managed services lead generation to a third party like Managed Sales Pros: we can start right now.

We can start right now, and if you’re just today thinking about starting cold calling to build your monthly recurring revenue, you’re still a minimum of six months away from having an in-house managed services sales appointment setter.   You’ll have to recruit, interview, hire and train that managed services cold calling asset.

Before you hire an in-house managed services lead generation rep, you’ll need to make sure you’re ready for success.

Make sure you have:

  • A CRM that manages and secures your most valuable intellectual property – your data
  • A process for them to follow
  • A playbook and documentation that outlines “why” and “how” everything gets done.
  • Key performance indicators to hold them accountable to, and
  • A well-defined and difficult to game incentive plan that encourages your new managed services cold calling expert to keep working hard for you every day.

Remember, you aren’t hiring a sales leader, you’re hiring a new team member who requires guard rails, guidelines, accountability, training, support and encouragement!  Your new sales hire is no different from your last entry level help desk hire.

Managed Sales Pros is here to make it easier for you.  

We’re still all of us many months away from live events, networking functions, meet and greets, and lunch and learns.

Your referral network is drying up.

Your marketing emails aren’t getting opened.

Your direct mailers are getting thrown in the garbage.

You may not love the idea of cold calling, but it’s still here, it’s still working, and done correctly it’s going to produce over 1000% ROI for your managed services company in two years.

If you can do it in-house, that number gets even higher.

Register for our webinar with Kevin Damghani from ITPartners+ to learn how to transition to an in-house call team!

All of January 2020 I’ll be sharing managed services cold calling tips and managed services cold calling techniques to help managed services providers who want to build their monthly recurring revenue.

The goal of managed services cold calling isn’t to schedule appointments in one phone call.  If you get a one-call-appointment, chalk it up to dumb luck, not skill or process.

Outsourcing Managed Services Cold Calling serves several purposes:

  • Gets Your Pipeline filled NOW, not a year from now
  • Disqualifies garbage that you shouldn’t be wasting time on anyhow.
  • Identifies the actual decision maker and outlines the decision making process for your prospects.
  • Creates accurate sales pipelines for years that are based on facts – like contract end dates – not feelings.
  • Collects information on all of your competitors so you can better understand where and how you win against them.
  • Keeps your business top of mind when it’s time – most business owners already have IT support and don’t break contracts.
  • Helps you identify when you may need to begin hiring for new support team members based on pipeline opportunities.
  • Allows the business owner to run the business, not prospect for new businesss – while still managing the closing of deals.
  • Ensures no opportunities are missed when your own team gets pulled in seven different directions and skips follow up calls.
  • Eliminates the need for HR hassles that come along with in-house hiring.
  • Augments or supplements all of your internal marketing initiatives.

Outsourcing Managed Services Cold Calling to Managed Sales Pros gives you the added bonus of:

  • No long-term commitments – work with us while you get your in-house team process and team built.
  • Agents that only work with managed services providers and understand managed services lead generation.
  • Transparency – we offer 20 hours of outbound activity every week, and it’s all reported to you weekly.
  • Working with Managed Sales Pros to build your in-house programs and processes, then transitioning seamlessly.
  • Measurable results.  We don’t sell fluffy “MQL” or “SQL” leads – we schedule qualified sales appointments where the purpose of the meeting is clearly outlined to the prospect – this meeting is about replacing their current IT provideer.
  • No shitty meetings.  If they don’t have enough seats, if they don’t have actual pain, if they are only looking for a cheaper provider, if they don’t have a suitable budget or they don’t have a timeline that makes sense – we don’t schedule the meeting.

If you’re ready to get serious about your managed services lead generation, Managed Sales Pros can help.

With a solution for most budgets, we’re ready to help you grow your MRR.

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