Managed Sales Pros has a great line-up of managed services lead generation webinars coming up this week. 

We’re excited about this week’s learning events – if you’re a managed services business owner or leader who is considering adding outbound lead generation activity to your managed services sales process in 2021, all of these events should be on your radar!

You’re invited to watch them all live or view them on demand.  Either way, we hope to see you there!

If you’re currently thinking about outsourced lead generation or managed services sales appointment setting,  you’ll want to register for some or all of these events!

On Wednesday, January 20 at 1:00 PM CT, I’ll be joining Zix/App River for a managed services sales training masterclass.  This master class is the next installment in the managed services training series that featured Karl Palachuk’s “The Value of Strategic Bundling” , and Marie Weise’s “Work Your Website”

What Managed Services Lead Generation Skills Are We Learning?

The topics we’re going to cover in this managed services sales training include:

  • learning the different MSP sales cycles
  • managing your managed services prospecting data
  • determining what kind of sales talent you will need to hire, and when you’ll be ready to hire them
  • what key performance indicators you will hold your new sales talent accountable to

This webinar will encourage you to make a decision on what your sales culture will look like in the future:

Does your company value process, or does your company value outcome?

If you are an App River or Zix partner, or considering becoming one, you are welcome to register for this managed services sales masterclass:


On Tuesday, January 19 at 3:30 PM CT  join Managed Sales Pros and ITPartners+ for a webinar with ITPartners+ CEO, Kevin Damghani.

Kevin will share his journey from outsourcing his managed services lead generation to the experts at Managed Sales Pros, to building his own managed services sales department.  Managed services sales appointment setting is only one part of the process – join us to learn how all the pieces fit together to create a high performing MSP sales engine.

We’ll be talking about managed services cold calling, managed services appointment setting, and what you need to do to prepare your company for your first managed services sales hire.


Finally, we’re joining Tigerpaw Software on Thursday, January 21st at 11 AM CST to talk about the importance of data integrity in the managed services sales process.

Data integrity is integral to the success of your managed services sales strategy.  If you’re not managing and protecting your MSP prospecting data properly, your sales process will always be flawed.


All of our webinars will be available on demand – if you can’t attend live, make sure you register to watch later!

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