This MSP increased his revenue by 70% during a pandemic after building a high-performing sales prospecting team in-house.  

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Ask Kevin Damghani, founder and CEO of ITPartners+ – Kevin went from outsouring one .5 FTE managed services sales appointment setting agent with Managed Sales Pros in 2017 to building and managing a high performing team of 8 managed services sales reps in 2021.  If you missed the webinar, you can watch on-demand at the end of this post!

Here’s the timeline:


Kevin is running a small MSP, under 1MM in ARR, with a client roster divided between residential clients and managed clients.  His first step is pivoting his residential/break fix support firm to focus on selling and supporting managed services, and he creates two distinct brands for his MSP – one focused on business, one focused on residential.  He rebrands his IT company to “ITPartners+”

Kevin met Carrie and Tracie from Managed Sales Pros at a Datto event, and we begin to have conversations around adding lead generation to his sales process.


Kevin hires Managed Sales Pros for his outbound managed services prospecting.

Here’s what Kevin learned about the managed services sales process while engaged with us:

  • The manged services sales process isn’t even halfway finished at the time of appointment, work needs to be done to close them.
  • Call volumes required to be successful with managed services sales appointment setting are signficant.
  • Creating and following a defined process for managed services sales will make your sales programs more effective.
  • The time required to keep your managed services lead generation program on track is not insignificant – you can’t just set it and forget it, you need to actively participate to improve your results over time.
  • Managed services sales lead generation is a slow process, and it works when you’re patient and intentional.

Here’s Kevin’s take on why working with the team at Managed Sales Pros was so important for the growth of his MSP:


Kevin pivots a team member into managed services sales and invests in their success.

He takes responsibility for the sales process. He assumes the sales leadership role, and becomes accountable to the sales goals and metrics he is setting with and for his team member.


  • Kevin invests in a managed services sales leader, and begins to build his own outbound call center.
  • They choose the tools and process they will follow.
  • Then they begin training and developing their first in-house sales team members.

Using cold calling as their primary source of lead generation, ITPartners+ grows 70% in 2020 – through the pandemic. 

Kevin also shares one of the drawbacks of building a large managed services sales team quickly – while his top line increases aggressively, his bottom line is impacted significantly by the investments he’s making in the future success of his MSP.


ITPartners+ has 8 managed services sales team members (including Kevin – he is heavily invested in the success of the sales team and very hands on with them) and just finished their first annual company sales kickoff.

  • Kevin’s managed services sales process is more refined.
  • The sales team is structured into performance “pods”.
  • ITPartners chooses to distribute the sales work flow by different steps and stages (lead generators, hunters, inside sales, directors/closers)
  • They make an investment in managed services marketing support to feed into the efforts of the managed services team.

Here is a picture of the ITPartners+ sales team at their inaugaral sales kickoff in 2021:

Congratulations Kevin and team!  We’re happy we played a role in the success of your managed services sales growth!  Can’t wait to host you again next year to hear how things are going!

To thank you for sharing your story with us, Managed Sales Pros has donated $100.00 to the Michigan-based Child and Family Charities Covid Relief Fund!

Thanks for being a community go-giver, Kevin! 

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