Bootstrapping Your MSP


Bootstrapping your MSP is possible.

Whether you’ve just launched your new IT firm, or you’ve been in business for 20 years and you’re starting to focus on growth now, we’re happy to help.

Don’t have a budget and don’t know where to begin?  No problem! The Bootstrapping Your MSP Wednesday Working Lunch was created for YOU.  I’ve been spending a lot of time chatting one on one with business owners who can’t afford to make expensive marketing mistakes, and who aren’t (their words not mine) natural born salespeople.  (Those don’t exist, sales is a skill you practice, like dancing or martial arts.  Hard work and practice are required to become an expert.  Nobody is born a sales superstar.)

Join us for a virtual working lunch every Wednesday to ask questions and brainstorm with peers who are at the same level of development.  Our goal is to provide actionable and FREE ideas that you can implement yourself.

Who Can Join the Bootstrapping Your MSP Wednesday Working Lunch Group?

If your MSP is generating less than 500K in ARR, join us in the pursuit of 1MM in ARR – without paying coaches, consultants, gurus, or experts.  Bootstrapping your MSP means you’re doing the heavy lifting.

Be prepared to engage – we reserve the right to remove any attendee who isn’t aligned with the group.

How Do I Know That I’m Aligned with the Bootstrapping Your MSP Wednesday Working Lunch Group?

  1. We don’t criticize other people’s ideas – if you can’t say anything nice, keep your pie-hole shut.
  2. We use Gestalt language – we don’t tell people what they should do, we share our own experiences so people can learn from us.
  3. We don’t discuss vendors.
  4. We don’t gossip.
  5. We share knowledge freely.
  6. We celebrate the successes of our peers, even if our experience with the same method wasn’t as positive.

This weekly event focuses on sales and marketing only.  That’s all we talk about.  No technology discussions outside of the technology you use for sales and marketing – there are other forums for discussing your issues with choosing an RMM.  Please keep the conversation focused on sales and marketing ideas.  Bootstrapping your MSP may include other things, but sales and marketing are the only topics we facilitate discussions on here.

You’ll need to talk to Katlyn before you can join us.  No sales pitch.  We don’t work with MSPs with less than 1MM in ARR, but will ask you questions and verify your identity before you join our group.

There’s no charge to participate.  There’s no obligation to attend every week.  Take what you like, and leave the rest.

Call us at 1-844-466-2624 to register.

We start February 17.  You can join us anytime!

These webinars will not be available on demand.  You must attend live to participate.

See you next Wednesday, bootstrappers!