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MSP Cold Calling Feels Frustrating to Business Owners

For many MSP business owners, MSP cold calling feels like a chore.  It can be confusing and demotivating to spend so many hours doing something that isn’t producing immediate and tangible results for your business.  After all, you got this far without cold calling, so why do you need to master it now?

Why Do MSP Business Owners Need to Care About Cold Calling?

1. Peer to Peer Cold Calling is Eight Times More Effective

2. Referrals Are Not Reliable

3.  Telemarketing Agents Churn

4. You Can’t Teach A Skill You’ve Never Learned

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Peer to Peer Cold Calling

I can often achieve the same daily results of one of my telemarketers in 1/8 of the time.  This means for every hour I dial the phone, I get an appointment – for myself, or for one of my managed services clients.  Ask Ian Richardson from Doberman Technologies – Ian gets five hours a week of my time.  Last week I scheduled four sales appointments for Doberman.


I speak to business owners the way I would speak to them at any networking event – with reverence and curiosity.  Successful business owners are rock stars and I want to know everything.  I don’t ever talk to them about technology – I talk to them about business challenges.  It’s just a weird coincidence that better IT leads to better business outcomes, right?

Is It Really That Simple?


I cut corners all the time.  And that’s the reason business owners can’t thrive past a certain level without help.  You can pinch hit, but you can’t manage the team, wash the gear, and make sure the players aren’t smoking weed in the locker room.

On April 30, I’m hosting a webinar to share some of the cheat codes I use to schedule killer MSP sales appointments.

Then I’ll share the ways that I enable my team to facilitate my process so that when I don’t come to work the sales process still runs like clockwork.

I don’t do everything better than my team.  I just do this one thing better.  Like most visionairies, I learn and apply things on the fly, which leads to great – but unsustainable and unrepeatable – results.  If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.

The Referral Trap

Word of mouth works.  Until you hit about 1.5MM in annual recurring revenue.

Without exception, every company I have spoken to about our MSP cold calling services who has reached over a million dollars in annual recurring revenue has said the same thing:

“We built our business using referrals and word of mouth, but those referrals aren’t coming in as often now, and one of my biggest clients just gave notice.  We’re about to lose a lot of MRR and we don’t have anything to replace it with.”

No matter the size of your MSP, think of your sales engine as a car. You would never  wait until your car dies on the freeway in rush hour to put gas in the tank.  I never have less than a half tank of gas in my car, because I’ve run out of gas before and it’s not a good time.  Realizing referrals have stopped sustaining your growing business is a lot like running out of gas.  It’s too late now, you’re walking home.

The best time to begin outbound prospecting was the day you started your business.

The second best time is right now.

Start peer to peer prospecting – learn some MSP sales prospecting strategies online with me on April 30 at 11 AM ET

Nobody Ever Dreamed of A Glamorous Career in Telemarketing

We give it fancy names like “sales development” and “solutions expert” but it’s cold calling and nobody went to school for four years to make 120 calls a day for your small MSP.

Telemarketing agents want to pay their bills and they want a better job.  They don’t care about your business, and they don’t care about your profit margins, and they don’t care about your ten year plan to exit from your business.  They care about getting paid – so stop expecting them to build your sales process and your business.  You teach them a process, they follow the process.  For about 90 to 300 days, and then it’s on to the next job for them, and on to the next agent for you.  Agent tenure with Managed Sales Pros ranges from 90 days to 5 years, and we lose two out of three agents in the initial training period.   So will you.  And if you don’t, you’ll wish you had.

Accept that this role is not going to mirror the other roles in your company.  Once we accepted that telemarketing agents were always going to churn at 40% (our best year) or higher every year we got to work creating our process.  Churn doesn’t affect our sales numbers, and it doesn’t affect our clients.  That’s the power of process at work.

Learn more about the reality of hiring and managing telemarketing agents in this Tenbound Sales Development talk:

Managed Sales Pros has been building and managing telemarketing teams for technology companies for over 8 years.  Carrie has been building sales process and training sales agents for companies like Pitney Bowes, Reynolds and Reynolds, Bentley, Cisco and Datto for over 25 years.  She’s always been amazed at how people overcomplicate sales development, buy things they don’t need, automate things that should not be automated, incentivize the wrong behaviors and skip the person-centric approach that is needed to create thriving sales organizations.

Learn how you can combine your business owner superpowers with your team’s superpowers to get the best and most sales meetings!  

Do You Wanna Do This Forever?

I didn’t start my business so I could teach a neverending revolving door of telemarketing agents how to find and qualify managed services opportunities.  Did you?

Now is the time to master this process so you can then teach it to someone else and make it their monkey.  A plan will help.

You guide your team, and they execute on your vision.

You have to start somewhere, so start by learning a little bit about cold calling business owner to business owner – then fill out this form and let’s get you on the path to predictable sales growth.