Cold Call Training For MSPs Is Back!

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It’s finally summer.

We’re most of us out of lockdown.

Events are coming back.

Now what?

We’re all going to take some well-earned masks-optional holiday time.  Then we’re all going to get back to work.

What’s Changed for MSP Sales in 2021?

carrie simpson and the evolution of phones

Sales process is constantly changing.  Innovative companies stay ahead of the curve.  We don’t abandon what’s working – and as much as everyone wants to say “cold calling is dead”, we all know that’s not true.  Cold calling is changing, but it’s not going anywhere!

Cold Call Prospecting Creates Differentiation:  Especially In a Digital World

We learned through the pandemic that MSPs could keep their sales deal flow consistent through pivoting how they interacted with prospects and referral partners.  Companies embraced cold calling as they grew more and more “zoom fatigued”, and those who were already skilled at making cold calls ran circles around companies who had never done it before.

Cold calling for MSPs isn’t going away.  In fact, the MSPs that worked with us through 2020/21 grew over the previous year, while many of their peers reduced headcount, and eliminated sales and marketing spends.  This gives anyone who doubles down on sales and marketing a huge advantage over companies that take a more conservative approach.

If you’ve got a sales and marketing budget, it’s time to come out swinging.  Now is not the time to “wait and see.”

Email us to learn more about growing your MRR with Managed Sales Pros!

Security Sales

Add the recent RMM breach to the pile of challenges MSPs face this year.  You’re dealing with staffing shortages, clients eliminating headcount, aggressive M&A in the medical space leading to revenue holes and now, a market that is questioning whether or not MSPs can actually protect them from malicious hackers.

Security is the fastest route to increased MRR, yet many MSPs are ill-prepared to sell it successfully.   Selling security is going to be the next land grab in the market – if you missed the boat on being an early adopter of managed services, you have experienced first hand how difficult it is to show up second.  You have the opportunity to be first now.  Learn how to use security as a land-and-expand offering, a cross sell and up-sell opportunity and a differentiator in your market.

Interested In Attending Our Security Sales Master Class?

Huntress Labs has partnered with Managed Sales Pros to offer Security Sales Master Classes in 2021!

This 90 minute master class is coming to a city near you – at no cost, thanks to Huntress Labs!

Interested in learning how to use security as a differentiator in order to dominate your market?

We’re ready to show you how! We’ll be in 36 cities this year teaching MSPs how to use Carrie Simpson’s  “MSP ASK!” sales objection handling process to win more managed services deals!  Tested with over 1000 MSPs, this process can be easily applied to selling security.

Win more business by following a well-defined sales process.  Email us to find out when we’ll be in YOUR city!  If you’re wondering whether or not you’d like to buy paid training, feel free to start with this fantastic free event.   We’ll even throw in lunch!

Prospect Like The Pros!

If you’re ready to grow your MSP business, cold calling should be part of your sales and marketing plan.

We spent much of the pandemic building and testing new products and services to offer our managed services and vendor clients.

We’re pleased to announce the pre-order for our online learning system; “Prospect like the Pros”.

In September we’ll be launching our online training platform for MSP business owners and sales agents.

Our previous Cold Calling Training for MSPs course was 16 hours long, and we’ve taken that course and broken it down into micro-lessons to enable busy MSP owners to learn on their own timeline.

Here’s an example of the first 90-minute session from our original cold calling for MSPs training program:

What’s Changed?

  • We engaged a professional curriculum developer with a PhD in online education to help us create a program that would be accessible to all styles of learners.
  • Our expert team created a course that is modular and flexible, delivered on-demand in order to accommodate all schedules.
  • You’ll now have access to worksheets, ebooks, and testing. Reporting is delivered to you when your sales agents complete modules.
  • To measure comprehension, retention and improvement, we now offer an AI call monitoring platform to measure comprehension and application post course completion.  Now you can automatically detect where you or your agents need help, then route back to the module that will improve their process compliance.

Each module is designed for immediate application – you do not need to complete the entire course before trying new skills – study for an hour, then apply the lesson in order to achieve the best ongoing results.

Vendors – Do You Need A Sales Enablement Platform?

Talk to Carrie Simpson about customizing a sales training platform for your partners!

Teach your MSP partners the basics of sales prospecting, then watch your numbers rise along with theirs.

What Do MSPs Have to Say About MSP Sales Training with Carrie Simpson?

Lots!  Check out some testimonials!

Cold Calling for MSPs is Easier When You Change Your Mindset

“There are a lot of sales courses out there that teach salespeople ‘how to sell’. I think too many of them drop the ball conveying the importance of the salesperson’s mindset. Many of us would rather get a root canal than make a sales call, and many of us would also rather get a root canal than take a sales call. Both of those are an issue of mindset.

In the Prospect Like The Pros training program, Carrie taught us to change that mindset. I make better calls now, and the interaction is less forced. Additionally, I take calls in a better manner now as I learn what works for me as a prospective client and what fails when tried by the salesperson calling. I highly recommend working with Managed Sales Pros even if you don’t plan on being the salesperson making calls.”

– Chris Barnes, IT Director, Howard, LLP

Sales Reps Ask Better, Smarter Questions after Taking Managed Sales Pros Cold Call Training for MSPs

“We recently had one of our new sales consultants attend the Managed Sales Pros prospecting training program. The course was quite comprehensive and was very beneficial for him.

Before working with Carrie, we had noticed our sales consultant had picked up some bad habits over the years and was way too rushed in his sales approach. He was also starting to get frustrated and was at risk of burning out or simply leaving.

The Managed Sales Pros sessions helped calm him down, ask smart questions, and simply listen to the customer.

Since the completion of these sessions, his sales performance has noticeably increased and he’s a much more effective team member.

We would highly recommend this 16-hour program to any MSP business owner or MSP sales professional who is looking to improve their own skills or the skills of their team. It was an excellent investment that paid for itself immediately.”

– Daniel Johnson, President, Machine Logic

Managed Sales Pros Is Great At Training Business Leaders on Cold Calling for MSPs

“WOW! You are really great at what you do. Your content was really helpful because a lot of it can be applied to sales “touches” that are not just cold calling. Thank you for including us – I am learning a lot!”

– Susa Jovanovic, Omega Networks, Toronto

Carrie Simpson Has A No B.S. Approach to Cold Call Training for MSP Business Owners

“Carrie’s unique no B.S. approach to get you started building relationships with your prospects is refreshing. The process, tools and tips allow for those with call anxiety to deal with it right away!”

– Roger Miranda, Evident IT, Winnipeg

Cold Call Training For MSPs Helped Us Get More Qualified Meetings!

“As an owner of an MSP I found Carrie’s style of teaching and knowledge very refreshing. I learned a ton of information that will help my business succeed and a renewed appreciation for the telephone again. She challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and pick up the phone with a purpose. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to get more qualified meetings to take this course or look into Managed Sales Pros to get you on the right track.”

– Jeremy Heslop, OmniTechPro, Maryland

Managed Sales Pros Cold Call Training for MSPs Sets Us Apart from our Competitors

“The content was great and it helped build my confidence in prospecting by telephone. Carrie’s years of experience and her professional and personal take on prospecting is what adds value not found anywhere else. What you learn will help set you apart from your standard cold caller. Great work Carrie and thanks for sharing!”

– Karl Padpad, Clear Concepts Business Solutions, Winnipeg

How Do You Sign Up?

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