free microsoft joint marketing funds

Free Microsoft Joint Marketing Funds for SMB Workshops

Free Microsoft joint marketing funds are available for qualifying partners hosting qualified demos beteween now and the end of June 2022.

The qualifiers are very simple:  for every Microsoft SMB Workshop you host that has at least 5 prospects in attendance, Microsoft will reimburse you US 1500.  If you’re able to secure one new prospect from the workshop, Microsoft will give you another US $500 – for a total of $2000 for each workshop.

UPDATE:  The deadline to complete your application for this program is April 30, 2022!

You can host as many Microsoft SMB Workshops as you wish during the time frame alloted, and there are three workshops to choose from.

DISCLAIMER:  I am sharing information I’ve learned from vendors, distributors and Microsoft partners – our calling agency is not affiliated with Microsoft, and this blog post is my own personal analysis on how to access and use this very attractive marketing funding program!

Take advantage of this funding using Managed Sales Pros.

  1. Read the Microsoft SMB Workshop partner program T’s and C’s – and, if you have further questions, reach out to Microsoft for clarification.
  2. Fill out this online partner application form to get approval. 
    • The Deadline for this program application is April 30, 2022.
    • You should receive an answer from Microsoft within three business days via email.
    • The email will give you further instructions on how to apply for reimbursement.
  3. Schedule time with Managed Sales pros to discuss our ready-to-go Microft SMB Workshop campaign.

What Does Each Managed Sales Pros SMB Workshop Campaign include?

Our “in a box” solution to take advantage of your free microsoft joint marketing funds includes the following:

  1. A list of 500 companies in your geographic area with more than 10 employees (free with campaign) or a list of 500 companies with more than 10 employees in your geographic area that use Google Workspace (these lists incur an additional expense per lead)
  2. Set up and hosting of your Microsoft SMB Workshop (additonal expense per demo if we set up and host)
  3. Outbound calling until we reach eight attendees at one Microsoft SMB Workshop  (assuming 5 attendees and 3 no-shows)
  4. Reminder calling the day before your Microsoft SMB Workshop.
  5. Follow up calling to schedule sales meetings after your Microsoft SMB Workshop
  6. A full report for you to deliver to Microsoft as proof of work post event.

Contact Us to schedule your campaign while we still have available agents!

How Do We Suggest You Structure Your Microsoft SMB Workshops?

You’ll want to take advantage of these free Microsoft joint marketing funds before they’re gone!  Here’s how to get the most bang for your (free) buck!

  1. Schedule multiple Microsoft SMB Workshops every week over the course of the remaining time of the offer – this gives prospects options on which date they’d like to attend – remember, these are virtual demos and the content is already created and available for download and review on the Micrsoft website.  The demos must be completed as per the terms of the Microsoft SMB Workshop program – do not modify the programming.
  2. Begin immediately – the offer has been available for months, and the application process ends soon.
  3. Once you have traction with your Managed Sales Pros calling, consider extending your campaign into a traditional lead generation program – with the forward momentum from your first several months of calling, you’re now well on your way to a successful lead generation engagement (our terms are month to month!)

Get Started Now Before Applications Close and The Funding Runs Out!

This is a time limited program, with limited funds available – don’t miss out on your share of the free Microsoft joint marketing funds!  Schedule time to chat with us now!

Partner With Zix, Receive This Campaign At No Cost To You!

We’re not the only ones excited about these free Microsoft joint marketing funds!  Some of our partners are making it even easier for MSPs to take advantage of this offer!

If you’ve been considering a partnership with Zix, now is the time to execute!  Zix announced this week at Channel Partners in Las Vegas that they are partnering with Managed Sales Pros to cover the cost these partner programs for new Zix partners – reach out to Justin Gilbert for details!

Did you miss the chance to meet with Justin at Channel Partners?  You’ll find him this week in Nashville for Robin Robin’s Technology Marketing Tool Kit Bootcamp – make sure you find him onsite to ask if your MSP would qualify for this offer!

To learn more about this program (or any other Managed Sales Pros program), email

Want to buy lists of Google Workspace users and not use our cold calling team?  That’s okay, too!  Learn more about our data services and contact us for details!

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