MSP Exits

MSP Exits Take Planning

All entrepreneurs have, from time to time, woken up and thought “It’s time for me to sell.”

That might be the case for you.

Then again, if you can wait a year or two, there may be some things you can do to ensure that your exit is far more profitable.  It’s never too early to begin considering when and how you’d like to sell your business.

MSP Exits Aren’t One Size Fits All

We didn’t all start our companies for the same reasons, and we won’t all sell for the same reasons.

Serial entrepreneurs may start dozens of businesses in their lifetimes, while some business owners plan one-and-done business ventures.

Why Are IT Business Owners Considering Their MSP Exits Now?

  • They want to take advantage of an unprecedented MSP seller’s market.
  • Some are ready to quit working, and they are ready to retire.
  • Their business is no longer interesting to them.
  • They are interested in using some of their equity to pursue a new business opportunity.
  • Exhaustion or burnout – they are tired of wearing all the hats, and taking all the risks.

Begin Running Your Business Like You Plan To Sell It

If you’re not yet considering an MSP exit, that doesn’t mean you can’t act like you are.

Managed Sales Pros has partnered with some heavy-hitters to walk MSP business owners through the ins and outs of MSP exits.  Expect to learn:

  • wealth management strategies
  • tax mitigation
  • creating business plans to satisfy lenders
  • the due diligence process and what to expect
  • business valuations
  • growth strategies to increase your valuation
  • how you can find a buyer for your MSP

We’re proud to partner with Ntiva, Washington Avenue Advisors, AAI Financial Group, Richardson & Richardson Consulting and other MSPs and experts who will share their experience and the lessons they’ve learned.

Join us on the third Thursday of every month for our MSP EXITS SERIES.  If you’re interested in buying or selling, make sure you let us know — in November we’ll be co-hosting a private event matching companies that indicate interest in either.  There is no cost to attend the educational series, or the meet and greet.

You can register for the entire MSP EXITS event series here:  MSP EXITS SERIES

If you’d rather pick and choose which events are of most interest, they’re listed below.

We’ll look forward to seeing you there!


You can check out previous Managed Sales Pros M&A content with Ravi Ramharak from MSP Corp, Adam Kerrigan from Intelligent Technical Solutions and Nancy Sabino from Synetek here (and don’t be surprised to see some familiar faces in the MSP EXITS SERIES!


This webinar from Richardson & Richardson Consulting shares a ton of valuable insight on less traditional MSP exits.

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