That’s right, channel. The biggest, booziest, stay up latest, wish you hadn’t done that last night channel show of the year is almost upon us. IT Nation is coming. And you know what you need to get through that event? That’s right. You’re gonna need coffee. But I have some bad news for you.

Coffee is for closers only.

At Managed Sales Pros, we earned our coffee. We’re closers. We’re in 30 cities now, we make over 50,000 MSP cold calls a month, and last month we added over 8,000 endpoints worth of managed opportunity to the IT channel. We grew 600% this year. You know how we did it? That’s right, by closing.

We’ll be getting all Glengarry Glen Ross up in ITN15 this year. We’ve got some great giveaways and a few show specials, of course. But as a lead up, we need you to watch THIS movie clip. Then, get ready to win great prizes.

Tweet photos of your “closer” coffee mugs with the hashtags #ITN15 and #CoffeeIsForClosers. We’ll post the best coffee mug here on our website daily (and they’ll earn an extra entry!), and one lucky random entry will win an Apple Watch. That’s right. No sales pitch, no booth visit, no nothing. Just a shiny new Apple Watch.

Now, there is some fine print. You have to come pick up your Apple Watch at ITN15, so you’ll have to be registered and in attendance to claim your prize.

If you don’t win an Apple Watch by tweeting your mug shot, that’s okay. All is not lost. Come by booth 507 at #ITN15 for the opportunity to win the Cadillac of espresso makers. Or a set of steak knives. Third prize is you’re fired.

(There’s another Apple Watch up for grabs, too – but that doesn’t really go with our booth theme…)