Lunch & Learns

Maximize your MSP marketing, sponsored by Managed Sales Pros and Ulistic

Join Carrie Simpson, CEO of Managed Sales Pros and Stuart Crawford, CEO of Ulistic for a lunch and learn that will show you:

  • How to Build and Nurture a Sales Prospecting Funnel
  • How to identify your best prospects and tailor your marketing to target those prospects
  • How to create a powerful referral system that keeps warm leads coming in
  • How to create a sales script that helps you get first sales appointments with your competitors clients.
  • How to choose the right blend of digital, direct and telemarketing for your MSP at any stage of growth.

With no sales fluff and nothing held back, Carrie and Stuart will share with you the methods their clients are using to achieve Stratospheric Success! Are you looking to increase your sales this year? First you need to get more leads. Let Carrie and Stuart show you how!


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