What we bring to the table.

No.6 // Thought Leadership Content Prospecting

Capture the Market with Custom Thought Leadership Prospecting

We get it. You want to be a trusted advisor, an expert, a relevant voice that is always top of mind. But pushing out spam emails full of generic whitepapers to random unqualified and uninterested companies is not the way to check that box.

We have a better answer. Effectively deliver relevant content through an automated marketing campaign and spark highly personal interactions with interested businesses. Sharing thought leadership content is one of the best ways to illustrate your value to customers—moving you closer to a win—but only when it’s done right.

So instead of spamming them, let’s do this: We’ll help you create and curate content that is significant and useful to your qualified prospects, then we’ll show you how to use marketing automation strategically. And finally, we’ll help you nurture those prospects into wins.

Pick Your Program

Rather than offering you a selection of content choices and sending you on your way, we’ll manage this endeavor for you. The syndicated program is a simple as choosing your level of frequency and topics, and we handle the rest:

  • Content that reflects your business’ capabilities and value
  • Experienced marketing automation support
  • Hands-on guidance to turn each prospect engagement into a new partnership

But if you prefer to be more personalized approach, we will develop a custom content program:

  • Unique content with a focus on the particular value of your business or needs of your target verticals
  • Custom email content and social media to extend the reach of your thought leadership content
  • Use our customer satisfaction surveys to gather information for testimonials and case studies

Sample 12-month Program:

  • A selection of 12 pieces of content, such as:
    • Blogs on current tech trends, business challenges or vertical updates
    • Success Stories (custom only)
    • Tips content [Example: Five reasons cybersecurity must be top of mind]
    • Push to action content [Example: Are you integrating POS and physical security? Here’s why you should]
  • A monthly prep and planning meeting with your team
  • Email and social media content aligned with each article/blog in support of marketing efforts around each individual product

Regardless of the program that is best for you, we’ll be right there to manage the content, delivery, follow-up and adjacent support needs. So, let’s do this thing.  Call us at 844-266-2624 and let’s get started.