MSP Cold Calling – Live!

MSP cold calling can seem like a never ending battle when you already have twelve hours of work to fit into your eight hour day!

Your previous attempts at cold calling have been less than inspirational.  You have worked with other so-called experts and been left with an empty wallet to match your empty sales pipeline.

At Managed Sales Pros we know it’s not always easy to trust a smooth-talking sales rep; but this May we’re making it a little easier for you to decide if cold calling is the right fit for your MSP.

The Call Lab

We’re excited to present “The Call Lab”.

For several hours a day, several days a week, throughout the month of May,  register to listen to sell-side live cold calling.  We’re calling real leads, for a real MSP, in real time!

Listen, learn, and type in questions!

Check out The Call Lab With This Unedited Recording From May 2021

(It’s 3+ hours long, so maybe get some popcorn?)

It’s worth a listen – in this three hour block we identify two good leads and schedule one sales appointment for Doberman Technologies, a company we have been working with for several years.  They’ve been kind enough to let us use them as an example (I guess it doesn’t hurt that Carrie volunteered to make their calls for them in exchange for that!)

Like What You Hear?  Schedule A Call With Us!

Email us at and set up a time to talk about your business development plans!

MSP Cold Calling Results Are Never Guaranteed

Live calling can be…tedious.  Managed Sales Pros callers are consistent, methodical and committed to making magic from the mundane. Come see our three-step objection handling formula in action!

Remember – calling live means luck of the draw – we may talk to a dozen prospects, we may talk to none, but we’ll walk you through our data-driven approach to sales prospecting so you can better understand how cold calling will add value to your sales process.

The Managed Sales Pros Three-Step “ASK” Objection Handling Process:

  1. Acknowlege The Objection
  2. State A Fact
  3. Keep Asking Questions

Remember to ASK!

Our “ASK” process is focused on several important factors to maximize every outbound dial in MSP cold calling! This repeatable, scalable process minimizes wasted dials, wasted time and wasted budgets.  Register for a session in The Call Lab and learn the importance of:

  • First Point of Contact Lead Qualification – get to “yes” faster when disqualified leads are removed in one call.
  • Find the *actual* decision maker instead of wasting precious calling hours online “researching” – more calls equals more conversations equals more meetings equals more sales.
  • Building battle cards – learn who has the business you want, learn how you can displace them.

Register here for any of the MSP Cold Calling Lab Live Sessions!

In the meantime, check out this guide to MSP cold calling from Datto !

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