Choosing an Outsourced Sales Partner

choosing an outsourced sales partner call lab

Choosing an outsourced sales partner can be challenging.   Anyone can record the very best call they’ve ever made and play it for you to help you decide what outsourced sales partner you should choose.  That’s why at Managed Sales Pros we dial live on the air!  No editing calls, no cherry picking good calls, no do-overs.

The Call Lab:  Helping You Choose An Outsourced Sales Partner

Since founding Managed Sales Pros in 2014, Carrie Simpson (Richardson) has continued to cold call daily for her own business, and for her partners.  When Managed Sales Pros started, Carrie was the only outsourced sales partner on the team – she worked the time zones, called eight hours a day for partners, and spent an additional four hours a day cold calling for Managed Sales Pros to grow her business.  In short, she did what all start up entrepreneurs do – she hustled.

She trained callers, she helped out on the call floor when we were understaffed, and she genuinely enjoys outbound calling.  (FACT: You can hire Carrie to make your cold calls for you if you’re prepared to pay her daily consulting rate – we don’t recommend this unless you’ve got a very warm list already!)

May 2022 Call Lab Results

We always use the same managed IT services partner for Call Lab – Doberman Technologies.  The reason for this is two-fold.  It allows us to demonstrate what cold untouched leads look like in the calling process, and then it allows us to show you what calling is like once you’ve been using an outsourced sales partner for several years.  In the call lab this month, we spent very little time on cold leads – we don’t have many left after three years of calling for one MSP, and the ones we do have need a little more TLC.

Listen to Carrie on the MSP Voice Podcast sharing tips on outbound MSP cold calling!

Listen to Carrie critique her own team’s calls in real time on Steve’s RocketMSP webinar!

Listen to Live Cold Calling

Calling live online is a lot more interesting for the audience when you have follow up activities – and the Doberman pipeline for June 2022 has no fewer than fourteen leads that are ready to take proposal meetings.  That’s a nice pipeline, right?  But it took us three years to get to the point where we can schedule two meetings in a two hour time period.

You can listen to last years calling block for the same MSP here!

This years’ results:

Call Lab Live 2022

If you’d like to watch the full two-hour session (or parts of it – if you want to hear the part where we schedule meetings just skip to the last 30 minutes, that’s where the meetings were scheduled!)

We have two available agents for June 2022, if you’d like to talk to us about working together, we’d love to be your outsourced sales partner!

You can schedule some time to talk about it with us here:

If you’d like to work one on one with Carrie, her consulting rate is $6000.00/day and she’s happy to make your calls, train you how to make them yourself, or work with your team.