MSP Sales Sequence

msp sales sequence

MSP Sales Sequence To Try Before You Rely On Default Lead Scoring

Here at Managed Sales Pros, we like to share effective lead generation strategies.

We don’t believe in lead scoring.

I’m not sure why you would wait to contact any of the potential prospects in your sales funnel.

“Warming up” leads is a fallacy.

If all of your best prospects are already buying from competitors and all of your competitors are also trying to win that prospect….waiting to hit an arbitrary, automatically generated lead score before you call your prospect seems like a recipe for losing more bids than you win.  If you’re not winning deals, it’s time to change how you engage with your leads!

MSP Sales Sequence Step By Step:

1. MSP Sales Sequence Preparation:

  • Buy a list of company names with phone numbers and number of employees by industry – it costs next to nothing.  You should only pull data for industries with one to one ratios of computers to employees, with a minimum of 20 employees.  Only buy enough data to last you 90 days.  Make sure you’re going to follow through on your sales prospecting strategy before spending any money on prospecting.  Do not buy data platform subscriptions.  The data is not any better than the data you can buy or build for nothing online. Here’s an online tutorial on how to build free lists.
  • If you want to have the list scrubbed first to remove bad numbers and fill in some blanks, go for it – the more targeted your calls, the more likely it is that you won’t waste as much time dialing in to companies that no longer exist or aren’t large enough to warrant your services.  (Remember – pre-covid lists were already 30% inaccurate.  Lists now are worse!)

2. The First Call In Your MSP Sales Sequence:

  • Ask someone “who the right person to speak with about evaluating new I.T. support providers.”  (Don’t say “managed services providers” – nobody outside of our industry really cares about that term.)
  • Qualify the opportunity with anyone who picks up the phone – you don’t have to qualify the lead by talking to the CEO.  Also find out:
    • How many computers do they have?  (More than your minimum?)
    • How do they currently receive IT support?  (Are they paying their neighbor in beer?  Are they married to someone who owns a managed services company? Do they work with one of your best competitors?  Do they work with one of the competitors you know is not delivering?)
  • Ask for the decision makers email address and direct contact information.
  • Ask to be transferred to that person now that you know they’re qualified.

3. Speaking to the Decision Maker In Your MSP Sales Sequence:

  • Reach them?  Start pitching.
  • Voicemail?  Leave a message.
  • Hop on LinkedIn and connect with the known decision maker and the person who took your first call.
  • Leave them a note like this (don’t spend all your time customizing emails or notes that no one is actually reading!):
    • I’m sorry we weren’t able to chat today – I’d love to learn more about your company and requirements by connecting with you on LinkedIn – follow me to keep up to date on trends and risks in technology, and please let me know if I can be of any assistance.”
  • Put a follow up call reminder in your CRM.  Do not skip this activity.  Do not skip your follow up calls.
  • Add this contact to your cold email, content, event and web marketing initiatives.
  • Call them on a regular follow up cadence.  Ask more questions of the people that work in the office – make it your goal to learn one new thing about this company every time they call – find more reasons to engage with them.

An Easy To Follow MSP Sales Sequence Is Essential for Displacement Prospecting

You can’t win MSP business in one phone call.  The clients you want are already engaged in an MSP contract, and they’ll respect their contractual relationship.  You simply can’t win an MSP deal outside of the appropriate timing.  This is a displacement sales strategy.  You win only when the lead is ready to convert, and if you miss that window, you miss the deal.  If you’re skipping steps, ignoring follow ups, or waiting until the “perfect score” moment, you’re losing deals to the competitors who are following process.

Managed Sales Pros Will Help You Win More MSP Deals

That’s how Managed Sales Pros wins for our clients.  We follow the MSP ASK! process.  We don’t skip follow up activities.  We don’t spend our entire day researching.  We provide an exact  amount of calling daily for our clients – and we send you the call reports for transparency and ease of campaign management. At Managed Sales Pros, our process is easy – it’s easy to track, it’s easy to measure, and it’s really easy to work with us.  There are no long term commitments, and no guessing games around how many hours of actual work you’re receiving for your investment.

There is no tricky wording around “call counts” and “talk time” and other metrics that mean nothing.  (For example, you can use a predictive dialer to make 200 dials in under an hour and 100 minutes of talk time is less than two hours of work.)  

Stop wondering what you’re buying, and start getting meetings that are actually qualified.  Fill in the form below or schedule time to get your MSP onboarded for the busy fall outbound calling season!

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