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Qualified Meetings Are Better Meetings

“How do we know our MSP Meetings Will Be Qualified?”

This is usally question two on any sales call asking about our services.  (Question one is “How much does appointment setting cost?”)

Every MSP has their own version of what a qualified meeting is.  Some MSPs will meet with anyone who expresses interest, while some MSPs want better meetings that are completely BANT qualified.

(BANT Qualified:  the person who you are meeting has a defined BUDGET, they have the AUTHORITY to make decisions, they have a NEED that they have been able to share and they have a TIMELINE to execute.)

At Managed Sales Pros our goal has never been to schedule the most meetings, our goal is to schedule BETTER meetings.  Our clients say it best!

We first wrote this blog post in 2015 – I don’t know where the time goes, but we’ve scheduled sales appointments for over 1000 MSPs as of October 2021!  Cold calling skills don’t change much year over year – cold calling technology does!

Get More Qualified Meetings Using Thought Leadership Prospecting

In 2021 we expanded our managed prospecting services to include managed thought leadership prospecting.  The times are changing, we are too.

Check out one of Carrie Simpson’s first cold calling webinars with Managed Services Platform:

Then check out one of our more recent cold calling webinars – Carrie’s hair has changed, but her advice hasn’t changed much:

Our process has changed a bit over the years – we were remote, then we were not, and post-pandemic we are again!  We still schedule better meetings, and our quality control process remains very similar.  You can only automate so much if you want better meetings – we like one to one interactions, and we’ve built a team that undersstands why it’s important not to rely to heavily on AI or workflow automation.

The lion’s share of appointment setting is getting the decision maker on the phone.  This can take dozens of attempts and is both time and labor intensive.  Better meetings aren’t usually the “gimmees” that drop out of the sky, they are the meetings that required pressure and time.  We only schedule qualified meetings, and here’s what happens before a meeting hits your calendar.

Qualified Meetings Require A Better Quality Control Process

Once our agent has identified the decision maker, presented your value proposition, qualified the opportunity and determined it should go forward, our quality control process begins.

Every potential appointment has notes logged in our CRM.  Upon completion of the call, the recording and the notes are sent first to our MSP Call Center Director, who reviews the call and verifies the potential opportunity. The quality control team ensures it meets all qualifying parameters for your program.  If it passes that test, a meeting request is sent to both you and your prospect.  The invitation contains a very clear overview of what will be discussed at the meeting – and does not ignore the fact that the primary reason for this meeting is to discuss replacing their current IT Solution Provider.

Both your contact and the prospect must accept the meeting invitation.  Then, we send a second email to you, outlining everything we have learned about the opportunity so far – including the number of business locations, computers, servers, and devices. We ask about their budget, current IT support, and contract end date.

What Do Email Invitiations to Qualified Meetings Look Like?

Here is an example of one of the qualified meetings we’ve scheduled for an MSP client.  Their target companies are professional services firms with between 20-100 desktops.

“I am very pleased to inform you of the latest CLIENT NAME appointment, this one with PROSPECT NAME/TITLE at PROSPECT COMPANY on DATE, 2015 at TIME.

PROSPECT NAME noted that they have a Microsoft environment (both PCs and servers) comprised of 92 computers and about 98 VM servers. He expanded upon this to state that they have 1 Blade server with four blades in it, as well as 7 or 8 rack mount servers. 

There is a three-person internal IT team and network monitoring is handled in-house with LAN desk, app managers and the like.  However, they do outsource back-end items involving their “quite sophisticated” storage area network, which contains IBM 4700s and a SAN storage fabric.  They usually do not work with that directly on a daily basis and the external provider would likely work with it 3 or 4 times a week, which makes more sense for the company. 

The company does quite a bit of work with banks, so security is a major concern for them and they prefer to keep some things in-house.

Backup is currently handled by a bank of NAS for primary backup, which then goes to a Symantec tape backup and is then sent off-site every week.  They have explored cloud backups, but the nature of their information is such that the partners do not believe that they can trust it just yet (though NAME is a big supporter of cloud).  

They primarily deal with a company called COMPETITOR NAME .  They have re-engaged with them because PROSPECT COMPANY CEO and IT Manager left this year and PROSPECT NAME is relatively new to the organization.  COMPETITOR NAME worked with the company prior to 2010 to set up their entire infrastructure at this company.  They are doing some modifications, upgrades with the SANs and upgrading VM from 4.1 to 5.5, so they engaged the people who worked on it before to do so, due to the history. 

That being said, PROSPECT NAME knows that COMPETITOR is more expensive than other companies, so he is open to entertaining other companies’ offerings for future opportunities.  He considers the summertime to be a good time to do some thinking and look at such opportunities.

PROSPECT NAME currently reports to one of four executive partners and, between the two (himself and the executive contact), they would make the final decision.  The partner would want PROSPECT NAME to gather the information and resources during the first meeting before personally engaging any further in the process.

 The prospect’s contact information is as follows: (removed)”

We are more than happy to share other examples of appointments scheduled, and connect you with our current clients.  Check out our testimonials page!  Please contact us at 1-844-GO-MANAGED to learn more about how it can work for you, too – or will out this contact form and we’ll get back to you within one business day!
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