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Guest Blog: 12 Mistakes MSPs Make When Offering a vCIO Service

Here at Managed Sales Pros, we are successful when your MSP is successful.  We strive to provide you with the best quality sales appointments possible so that you can increase […]

This Thanksgiving I am Thankful for…

This weekend I drove to the middle of nowhere to spend Thanksgiving with some people I love. Having 12 hours in a car gives you some time to think about things. […]

Managed Sales Pros Recap: Channel Directions Live 2015

First, I can’t believe it’s already October!  How did the end of quarter treat you? Enough with the niceties.  Time to get back to doing what I love most.  Giving people […]

Managed Sales Pros – East Coast Tour, Part Two

The Managed Sales Pros East Coast tour continued last week with a visit to Connecticut to meet and greet with the Datto sales team and tour their HQ.  Four floors of […]

Managed Sales Pros East Coast Tour, Part One

Our whirlwind East Coast visit started in Washington, DC where we sponsored MaxFocus2015.  We had the opportunity to meet with several MSP and Vendor partners last week, and as always, met […]

Promotion Announcement: Ashley Battel

  Good News, Everyone! We are very pleased to announce that Ashley Battel has been promoted, effective immediately, to Director, Managed Services Division. Ashley Battel was Hire #3 for Managed […]

Managed Sales Pros Recap: Comptia ChannelCon 2015

A busy month on the road has kept us from updating for a while.  Thanks for bearing with us.  I spent most of August at shows, meeting with new partners, […]

Do Cold Calls “Bother” People?

Recently I made the mistake of engaging on a website where someone went off an a long rant about how awful telemarketing is/telemarketers are.   If you’re wondering, it wasn’t a good idea. […]

Managed Sales Pros Recap: Microsoft WPC15

One of the first questions I am asked when we are speaking to IT companies about our services is “Why should we work with you?  How are you different from […]

10 Step Cold Calling Process for MSPs

Cold emails get deleted. Cold calls begin relationships. Use this 10 step process for cold calling managed services prospects and watch your results improve dramatically!